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Biggest and Strongest Firm with Legal Solution

Schembri & Co Lawyers is a boutique law firm located in Essendon and Carlton, Victoria.

Stephen Schembri founded the firm in 2003 and quickly established a broad cross-section of clientele. In 2007 Schembri & Co Lawyers incorporated the practice of O’Brien & Galante and continues to service O’Brien & Galante’s many clients. In 2015 Schembri & Co Lawyers also incorporated the practice of Conlan Lawyers and continues to service it’s clients as well as employ its staff. We pride ourselves on our progressive practices and our ability to provide client-focussed services.

At Schembri & Co Lawyers our people are focused on delivering excellent advice and come with a wealth of experience. We aim to achieve the desired result on every occasion, by providing accessible, empathetic, individual service. For further information contact our team for assistance or place an online enquiry.