Conveyancing & Leasing

The property law team at Schembri & Co Lawyers are committed to providing a seamless service and practical advice on all matters relating to the sale and/or purchase of residential or commercial real estate.

Our team has expertise in dealing with matters relating to transfers of property ownership, retail tenancies, finance transactions, subdivisions and planning and can provide a complete service in the following areas:

  • Residential Sale;
  • Residential Purchase;
  • Leases;
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions;
  • Property sub-division & Development Projects;
  • Advice in relation to Stamp Duty and Tax Obligations;
  • Loan or guarantor certificates; and
  • Removal or creation of caveats and second mortgages.

Our team is headed by our Principal Stephen Schembri who is supported by Sonia Scarpaci, Timothy Connolly, Aggie Mihelakis and Lina Brohier who have between them worked in the industry for in excess of 20 years. Our clients vary from mum and dad investors and first home buyers to builders and property developers.

We also advise that our firm now has capacity to complete settlements online as a result of the introduction of electronic settlements via PEXA. A benefit of completing a settlement online for a vendor is that the sale proceeds will usually be available in your bank account within 1 hour of Settlement. For purchasers, the benefit is that all funds required for your purchase will be immediately transferred by your bank, avoiding any requirement for obtaining bank cheques. This eliminates the likelihood of a delay in settlement as a result of the bank not issuing sufficient funds or any errors occurring in bank paperwork.

At this point, an electronic settlement is not compulsory, however, we are advised that as at mid 2018 it will be. Our firm has therefore decided to embrace what we believe are positive changes to the conveyancing process and encourage our client’s to take advantage of its benefits.

We trust our team will meet all your property law related needs. You may contact our property law department on (03) 9331 3144 or

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