Criminal Law

Have you been charged by the Police and need representation?

The sooner you retain the assistance of a solicitor, the better chance you have of protecting yourself.

Our principal, Stephen Schembri has a wealth of experience in criminal law, stemming from his days as a police officer and a police prosecutor. For the last 10 years however, he has been successfully defending clients in relation to various criminal offences such as;

  1. traffic offences,
  2. Assault offences
  3. Drug offences
  4. Family violence offences; and
  5. Sexual offences.

He has appeared in all Victorian jurisdictions including the Magistrates’ Court, County Court, Children’s Court and Supreme Court.

Stephen has also assisted clients in relation to fraud related charges such as those brought by Centrelink or the Australian Taxation Office.

Contact Stephen Schembri today to discuss your situation and how our firm can assist you.


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