Wills / Probate

Schembri & Co Lawyers provide personalised, cost effective and professional advice to clients regarding all matters concerning Estate Planning, including Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney.

We also provide legal assistance in all matters following a persons death including;

  • Advice to nominated Executors (where there is a Will);
  • Advice to Administrators (where there is no Will),
  • Advice in relation to the validity of “informal wills”; and
  • Potential claims for provision under the Family Provision Act 1972 for a claim against an Estate.

Our firm appreciates that when a loved one passes away, it is a very difficult time for those left behind.  If the Estate has been well organised and managed at least that unnecessary stress is not added to.  For that reason we passionately advocate the importance of every adult having a current and valid Will, nominating an Executor or Executors they trust to take care of matters when they pass.  We also advocate that every adult have a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney that will come into effect in the event they lose capacity to make financial or medical decisions for themselves.  It is too late to have one drafted once capacity is lost and it is for that reason that we encourage our  clients to instruct us to prepare their Powers of Attorney at the same time as their Will.

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